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Incremental investments in IT infrastructure don't always get the job done.

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Your Challenge

How do you know when the costs of a major infrastructure investment are justified and how do you get funding approval? This solution set will provide the information and tools you need to:

  • Make the case for approval.
  • Establish targets for change.
  • Pick solutions that balance value and cost.

Knowing when and how to invest in a significant infrastructure change rather than a minor incremental purchase is difficult.

Our Advice

Critical Insight

  • When it comes to updating your infrastructure to meet business requirements, incremental investments aren't always the best choice.
  • When the status quo has a high TCO, or if your needs or the technology choices have changed, it may be time to revisit your infrastructure approach.
  • Begin by understanding your future business requirements to decide if you should consider revisiting your infrastructure, and compare the TCO of options to make the final choice.

Impact and Result

  • Assess the business drivers that justify considering an infrastructure overhaul.
  • Evaluate which plan you should choose based on the total cost of ownership, both of an incremental investment and of other, possible solutions.

Research & Tools

1. Develop both long-term and incremental infrastructure plans

Provide an infrastructure that consistently meets the organization's performance, growth and cost expectations.

2. Assess the current infrastructure to identify the least expensive ways of achieving required changes

Ensure that all infrastructure components are able to meet organizational growth and performance expectations.

3. Estimate the TCO for a proposed infrastructure change

A basis for comparing alternatives to one another and to the current infrastructure across five key areas of infrastructure: storage, servers, telephony, networking, and facility.

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