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When does it make sense to outsource security?


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While security becomes more of a business requirement, companies are still lacking internal security professionals. What are the signs it’s time to consider external, third-party support? What should be a consideration to ensure a path to security maturity that minimizes exposure and enhances how our organization operates?

Your Challenge

  • The customer has a requirement to enhance security, but has limited time and/or resources.
  • There are fines or potential loss of business associated with not being secure or being able to report current security posture.
  • Organizations must know what types of controls and assets they are currently using. This requires data and asset discovery as well as data classification.

Our Solution

  • Review current regulations, compliance, and reporting. We will help you understand what you currently have, where there are gaps, and where third-party providers may actually enhance current or non-existent controls/processes.
  • Help clarify the ambiguity. Our resource and analyst discussions clarify what differences may occur with internally managed and externally managed security – from reporting, to culpability, to consistency with current environments.
  • Communicate with your stakeholders and decision makers. Develop a plan for communicating to business stakeholders and decision makers. How does this decision improve our security? What internal controls/resources could be repurposed, thus gaining other efficiencies?
  • Integrate third-party reporting into your existing processes. Each third party may need to have centralized correlation for your company to correctly report and manage its security. What else may be needed to ensure consistent overview and overall enforcement?

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Published: September 21, 2017
Last Revised: September 21, 2017