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Optimize the Release and Deployment Management Process

Release management has become crucial in an era of continuous delivery.

The increasing complexity and frequency of business demands have created a need for release and deployment practices that are not only timely, but also reduce costly downtimes and respond proactively to critical fixes.

Your Challenge

  • Track a variety of metrics. The best release management practice is not simply the fastest; it’s also the least error-prone, the most automated, and the practice that causes the least amount of incidents from releases and deployments.
  • Don’t rely on a tool to solve your problems. Automation can save your team a great deal of time and money, but a tool should be supported with quality processes. Bottlenecks can move up and down the chain if not properly addressed.
  • Understand business complexities and maintain ownership over the release process. The release manager should understand the business enough so they maintain ownership and authority over the release and deployment process.

Our Solution

  • Improve the number of successful releases by establishing a standardized process to reduce incidents, unexpected outcomes, and failed deployments.
  • Assist release managers with their insight and ownership of the release and deployment process.
  • Develop a comprehensive release policy to standardize the entire release and development process.
  • Create release and deployment plans to streamline the process.
  • Develop a patch management policy to mitigate risk.
  • Our program will assist with the integration of release and deployment management with other core infrastructure processes.

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Published: October 13, 2016
Last Revised: October 13, 2016