This tool will provide you with:

  • Template surveys for gaining feedback from mentors and mentees at the midway point of the program and at the program conclusion.
  • A mixture of ranking and open-answer questions for the extraction of valuable feedback from participants.
  • The ability to identify issues and gain recommendations for program improvements.
Modify the feedback surveys to capture meaningful data related to the achievement of your specific mentoring program goals. Assess the feedback and address any issues in order to continue to optimize and improve mentoring within your organization.

Solution Set Steps

  1. Align the mentoring program with the organizational culture and goals
  2. Assess the organizational culture and current mentoring program
  3. Align mentoring practices with culture to improve the appropriateness and effectiveness of the program.
  4. Gather feedback from the mentoring program participants
    • Mentoring Project Feedback Surveys Template
  5. Get mentoring agreements in place


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