Cut Through Microsoft Licensing Complexity to Negotiate a Better Deal

Price is not the only way to save money on Microsoft licensing. Optimize your MS licensing agreement, and fit the agreement to the enterprise.


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Your Challenge

  • Value Added and Large Account Resellers do not always tell you what you need to know to negotiate a better license agreement and might just respond with, “Sorry, this is the best that we can do,” when you are looking for areas of savings.
  • Microsoft has multiple licensing options to provide flexibility for various sized organizations, commitment levels, and product usage. This adds greatly to the complexity, causing many companies to buy into the wrong program and therefore overspend.

Our Advice

Critical Insight

  • Microsoft Agreements account for up to 50% of a company’s software budget.
  • Less than 50% of companies do not prepare adequately for Microsoft software negotiations.
  • Understanding the key nuances between the programs available, and how to determine what your organization needs is key to minimizing costs.
  • This solution set will give you confidence that you are making sound Microsoft licensing decisions.

Impact and Result

  • Provide clarity to the licensing agreement options.
  • Build a business case for or against Software Assurance.
  • Save thousands of dollars by licensing the right product through the right program.

Cut Through Microsoft Licensing Complexity to Negotiate a Better Deal


Build a Microsoft licensing strategy.

Implement a strategy for the organization and optimize license expenses.


Create a technology roadmap.

Align technology changes to business strategy.


Assess the value of Software Assurance.

Determine if the program is appropriate for the organization.


Build a negotiation strategy.

Reach license goals and strengthen the negotiation position.