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Understanding what to look for (and why) in IT contracts is essential as the number of vendors your organization engages with increases. You may be faced with multiple products, services, master service agreements, licensing models, delivery models, service agreements, and more; we can help demystify the misery.

Your Challenge

  • Do you have a sound agreement? Are all the key terms included? Are they applicable to your business? Can you trust that the service you are buying will deliver results? What questions should you be asking from an IT perspective?
  • Are you aware of what might be missing? Where might your business be exposed to lack of delivery, exceptions, long-term financial commitments, perquisites to delivery or on-going service, and triggers for termination?
  • Reduce risk and exposure. Beyond the legal components, what does a CIO or vendor management expert need to understand in order to avoid financial or business risk?

Our Solution

  • We help you by providing a list of common contract review terms and conditions.
  • We describe what the sections of a contract are supposed to cover and why.
  • Our guidance promotes a series of essential questions you should verify and validate.
  • We provide advice on key things to look for, as well as insights into contract review best practices.
  • We outline the key characteristics of the traditional legal sections and link these to the components critical to the IT department, in terms the IT lead can understand and action.
  • Demystify and unpack the supplier’s contract strategy and make it work for you.

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Published: September 21, 2017
Last Revised: September 21, 2017