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Move to Agile Performance Management to Foster a Coaching Culture

Improve coaching skills and build more effective teams quickly.

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Effective performance management is critical to delivering high quality IT services, retaining top talent, and driving an innovative workforce. Yet, performance management and coaching are frequently under leveraged, leading to long-term productivity and retention challenges.

Your Challenge

  • Traditional performance appraisals are not meeting the needs of today’s world of work. Annual measurement of employee performance is static and demotivating to employees as feedback is not timely and relevant.
  • Managers who set daily goals are 17% more successful. Employees who talk to their managers every day about setting goals are more likely to know their manager’s priorities and are better able mange their time.
  • Increase team effectiveness by 81% though a coaching culture. Coaching and agile performance management doesn’t need to be a top-down initiative. Peer-to-peer coaching can be equally effective and empowering for staff.

Our Solution

  • Measure employee engagement by using Info-Tech’s McLean Leadership Index (MLI) Diagnostic and dashboard. The diagnostic provides continuous data gathering and dashboards to consistently track engagement, allowing you to measure the impact of initiatives.
  • Leverage Info-Tech’s materials to build an agile goal setting and performance management process, and train your staff on agile techniques that can be leveraged for continuous coaching.
  • Use our facilitation guide to lead a workshop with your staff to train staff members to effectively coach their teams and measure the results.
  • Compare MLI continuously to measure the impact of your goal setting and coaching initiatives and solicit feedback for improvement.

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Published: May 10, 2016
Last Revised: May 10, 2016