Succession planning is a critical risk mitigation exercise that helps to ensure you have the required skills and knowledge to meet business goals. Use this Key Roles Succession Planning Tool to document key roles, incumbents, potential successors, and associated readiness and risk points.

After completion of the tool, you will have the following:
  • A place to document business priorities, goals, and challenges.
  • An inventory of all key roles, including the required skills and knowledge for each role.
  • A repository of key role incumbent details, such as time in role, skills ratings, next roles, and development needs.
  • A risk assessment for all key role incumbents.
  • A potential successor readiness assessment.
  • A list of potential successors, broken down by when they will be ready for the new role.
Ensure you’re not caught unprepared – keep critical knowledge and skills with the organization.

Solution Set Steps

  1. Make the case for key role succession planning
  2. Conduct workforce planning and succession planning
    • Key Roles Succession Planning Tool
  3. Implement knowledge transfer and alternative work arrangements


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