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Manage and Govern an Enterprise Application Implementation

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Many organizations do not have a fundamental understanding of existing internal capabilities, appropriate responsibilities and accountabilities, and the need for effective governance tactics that ensure the sustainable success of software implementations.

Your Challenge

  • Implementation is not an end state. Software implementations can take years, and need to be actively managed and governed to ensure sustainable success.
  • Don’t outsource accountability. You own the project, not the SI. A thorough understanding of your organization’s capabilities and constraints is necessary in order to effectively execute the project.
  • An enterprise software project is an opportunity to transform your organization. Give your organization a competitive advantage through better implementation practices, cost efficiencies, and accurate timelines.

Our Solution

  • Our program will help your organization develop an overarching understanding of project phases, roles, responsibilities, and best practices for enterprise software implementations.
  • Our approach will help you identify where your organization’s strengths and gaps lie in terms of the capabilities and skills required to successfully execute a software implementation.
  • Our methodology will help you increase effective communication between project team members and third-party vendors to appropriately balance accountability for project success or failure.
  • Our research will help your organization change the way it thinks about software implementations. Implementation is not an end-state; effective governance tactics and relevant metrics are needed to sustain and measure a successful implementation.

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Published: September 14, 2017
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