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Big data is becoming, simply, data. With recent advances in technology, big data success is more approachable and achievable than ever, for organizations of any size. This blueprint helps you build fundamental knowledge of the big data landscape, determine current big data maturity, identify the killer use cases, and formulate a pilot project that aims to kick-start an eventual enterprise-wide adoption of big data.

  • Understand the existing big data landscape and help the executives get started in big data.
  • Assess big data readiness and determine big data maturity.
  • Identify big data use cases by industry and department. Refine the identified use cases using the variety dimension framework and data flow model framework, evaluate use cases, and prioritize them.
  • Structure a big data pilot project to execute the big data use cases, and to demonstrate early value to the business units.

This blueprint facilitates the adoption and development of big data that allows an organization to leverage this technology to establish competitive advantages.

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Published: April 21, 2016
Last Revised: April 14, 2016


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Leverage Big Data by Starting Small – Phases 1-4
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