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Use Info-Tech’s IT-Enabled Revenue Generation Initiative Metric Definition Template to identify revenue-related business metrics and start tracking your organization’s performance against them.

  • Help the business implement identified metrics, if they do not exist formally.
  • Verify if baseline data exists and its quality is adequate. Otherwise, start collecting baseline data immediately. A baseline must be established before IT-enabled revenue generation initiatives begin and start affecting performance.

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Lead a Digital Transformation to Advance Revenue Generation

Create a strategic IT-enabled roadmap that uses social, mobile, and analytics to improve marketing, sales, and customer service.

Solution Set Steps

  1. Make the case for a digital revenue generation strategy
  2. Create a plan to kick-start a digital revenue generation program
  3. Develop a digital revenue generation strategy and roadmap
  4. Strengthen the capabilities required to execute the strategy
  5. Measure business impact and communicate the program’s benefits
    • IT-Enabled Revenue Generation Program Metric Definition Template

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Published: November 14, 2013
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