Take Control of Infrastructure Metrics

Master the metrics maze to help make decisions, manage costs, and plan for change.

Your Challenge

  • Whether you are a small, medium or large enterprise, working with metrics can be daunting for the Infrastructure Manager, with hundreds of metrics available to choose from.
  • Metrics reports are often in conflict, putting the data in question, and furthering resistance to investing time in metrics.
  • Without a reliable metrics framework, it’s impossible to trust the data when it comes to capacity management and planning decisions.

Our Advice

Critical Insight

  • Complaints about metrics are often rooted in managers wading through too many individual metrics, wrong metrics, or data they simply can’t trust.
  • Metrics pitfalls such as selective and biased reporting can undermine a metrics program and render the data meaningless.
  • Organizations of all sizes are finding ways to use metrics effectively for everything from capacity planning to solving customer service issues to troubleshooting system failures.

Impact and Result

  • Identify the metrics that serve a real purpose, and eliminate the rest.
  • Establish a formal review process to ensure metrics are still valid, continue to provide the answers needed, and are at a manageable and usable level.
  • Incorporate metrics analysis as key factors in capacity management and planning reviews.


  • Chuck Hobart, VMC
  • Justin Johnson, Kansas City Chiefs Football Club
  • Arvind Aggarwal PMP, Dexter Solutions Inc.
  • Scott Rodgers, New Zealand Department Of Internal Affairs
  • Augustine Amusu, HCA International Limited
  • Carol Wozney, Corix Group of Companies
  • Derek Boutang, Pembina Trails School District

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  1. Take control of infrastructure metrics

    Improve service delivery, capacity planning, and budgeting.

  2. Track and report metrics

    Facilitate capacity management and planning meetings.

  3. Prepare for upcoming projects

    Collect data for upcoming projects that may impact the infrastructure.

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