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The mobile device acceptable use policy outlines standards for the use of mobile devices when connected to corporate networks and data. Whether the device is owned by the end user or the corporation, it is important that the integrity of all corporate and client data is maintained. This policy outlines standards for access control, security, and support surrounding mobile devices. The mobile device acceptable use policy will help to ensure that all mobile devices connected to corporate networks and data adhere to strict standards and maintain the integrity and safety of all corporate and client data.

Risks addressed by this policy:

  • Breach of confidential client and business data
  • Introduction of viruses to corporate networks
  • Loss of information and revenue
  • Damage to public image

Also In

Develop & Enforce Policies that Securely Enable a Mobile Workforce

Prepare your policies for a future when mobile personas are more important than mobile devices.

Solution Set Steps

  1. Understand the need for mobile policy
  2. Document your future mobile policy goals
  3. Document your current mobile situation
  4. Identify gaps
  5. Create mobile policies
    • Mobile Device Acceptable Use Policy
  6. Incorporate mobile policies into your IT strategy and revisit regularly


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    Ken Peaslee | 04-19-2010

    This policy was very useful.

  • Missing comment
    Donnie Parish | 11-09-2010

    Interesting template.

  • 3f1bff9a96392c1234c295f39459fe71 comment
    Jamie Powter | 11-02-2011

    Thanks - brief and to the point

  • Missing comment
    Robert Behm | 11-17-2011

    great template to help build from. thank you!

  • Missing comment
    Dan Roper | 02-04-2015

    Everything that InfoTech provides is amazing material, thank you for doing so much leg work for me


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