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Develop a Web Content Management Strategy

Balance the needs of marketing and IT. Just don’t overbuy!

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  • Sean Murphy, Managing Principal, A Hundred Answers Inc.
  • Lance Martel,
  • Dave Matthews, Princess Auto
  • Martin Mørup, J. Lauritzen, Shipowners
  • Nathan Reisdorff, Director of IT at New England Law Boston
  • Mark Pleasance, Data Center Manager, PMA Fine Wines & Spirits Canada

Your Challenge

  • Web Content Management (WCM) solutions remove the burden of web maintenance from IT while giving marketing new capabilities.
  • Web Experience Management (WEM) solutions have emerged as advanced WCM tools that can personalize content and deliver it to a wide variety of devices. They also provide marketing insight into web user behaviour.
  • WCM and WEM solutions have tremendous capability. It’s very easy to overbuy an expensive solution that is inappropriate for both IT and marketing.
  • Furthermore, WCM solutions must exist alongside of other content management tools and sales and marketing solutions.

Our Advice

Critical Insight

  • The biggest benefits of WCM are to IT. They remove IT from the common task of creating and shepherding content.
  • WCM also provides benefits by giving web visitors a better experience. Marketing can then monitor their behaviour and use this information to warm leads.


Impact and Result

  • Every enterprise with a website needs a WCM solution. Most enterprises will never need to exploit all of the available features.
  • Make the case for WCM and determine how it interacts with other solutions for marketing automation, lead management, and email marketing. Don’t overbuy.

Research & Tools

1. Understand the difference between WCM and WEM

Develop a WCM strategy that is aligned with the organization's needs.

2. Determine if an automated solution like WCM is necessary for your organization

Understand the appropriate approach based on a series of questions about your environment.

3. Issue an RFP to aid in the vendor selection process

Ensure that the vendor fits the organization's needs.

4. Comparatively score potential solutions

Evaluate the incoming RPFs based on the needs of the organization.

5. Provide evaluators with a consistent set of instructions

Give decision-makers a more accurate view of the product's capabilities and constraints.

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