Develop a SharePoint Governance Strategy

Bring a Sheriff to the SharePoint Wild West


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Your Challenge

  • Regardless of version deployed, enterprises are finding out the hard way that SharePoint won’t govern itself.
  • SharePoint’s explosive popularity has often meant that planning has taken a backseat to deployment, and many enterprises find themselves in a Wild West environment.
  • Without sufficient planning, SharePoint is often used recklessly if at all. 

Our Advice

Critical Insight

  • SharePoint will become a mission critical application, with or without you. If you’re not prepared, disaster is only a matter of time.
  • Governing SharePoint is not just throwing a team together or rehashing old policies. Design and configuration of SharePoint is a key responsibility for modern IT Business Analysts.
  • Develop a strategy around architecture, security, maintenance, storage planning, development, and policies; the sooner the better. Ideally this should be well before deployment, but can still be done years later if necessary.
  • Don’t let additional governance needs deter you from using SharePoint 2010; with more requirements comes more included governance functionality.

Impact and Result

  • Proper SharePoint governance is a mandatory activity if you want SharePoint to be and stay functional.
  • On completion of the work outlined in this solution set, you will have the tools to begin developing and implementing a SharePoint governance strategy appropriate to your enterprise.

Develop a SharePoint Governance Strategy


Understand the value of SharePoint governance and options available

Develop a data integration strategy.


Develop a SharePoint governance strategy

Bring order to a chaotic SharePoint environment.


Assess your governance maturity

Determine which Governance activities to undertake.


Create a SharePoint governance plan

Establish a framework and responsibilities for governance activities.


Design a SharePoint information architecture

Create an optimal structure for SharePoint content.


Determine user permissions

Establish document security parameters.


Audit SharePoint governance annually

Ensure your governance strategy fits with actual use cases.