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Develop a SharePoint Governance Strategy

Bring a Sheriff to the SharePoint Wild West


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  • 9 organizations contributed information to assist with the development of this solution set. Due to the sensitivity of the information, all contributors requested confidentiality.

Your Challenge

  • Regardless of version deployed, enterprises are finding out the hard way that SharePoint won’t govern itself.
  • SharePoint’s explosive popularity has often meant that planning has taken a backseat to deployment, and many enterprises find themselves in a Wild West environment.
  • Without sufficient planning, SharePoint is often used recklessly if at all.

Our Advice

Critical Insight

  • SharePoint will become a mission critical application, with or without you. If you’re not prepared, disaster is only a matter of time.
  • Governing SharePoint is not just throwing a team together or rehashing old policies. Design and configuration of SharePoint is a key responsibility for modern IT Business Analysts.
  • Develop a strategy around architecture, security, maintenance, storage planning, development, and policies; the sooner the better. Ideally this should be well before deployment, but can still be done years later if necessary.
  • Don’t let additional governance needs deter you from using SharePoint 2010; with more requirements comes more included governance functionality.

Impact and Result

  • Proper SharePoint governance is a mandatory activity if you want SharePoint to be and stay functional.
  • On completion of the work outlined in this solution set, you will have the tools to begin developing and implementing a SharePoint governance strategy appropriate to your enterprise.

Research & Tools

1. Understand the value of SharePoint governance and options available

Develop a data integration strategy.

2. Develop a SharePoint governance strategy

Bring order to a chaotic SharePoint environment.

3. Assess your governance maturity

Determine which Governance activities to undertake.

4. Create a SharePoint governance plan

Establish a framework and responsibilities for governance activities.

5. Design a SharePoint information architecture

Create an optimal structure for SharePoint content.

6. Determine user permissions

Establish document security parameters.

7. Audit SharePoint governance annually

Ensure your governance strategy fits with actual use cases.

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