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Develop a Comprehensive Hardware Asset Management Strategy

Implement HAM to improve on Green IT and SAM.

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  • Burswood Information Solutions, Daryl Frost, Consultant
  • Hina Mauka, Ollie Ocampo, Technology Director
  • Emprise Bank, Betty Dohrman, Mgr Business Process Support
  • Plan IT ROI, Ed Stukane, Chief Marketing Officer
  • Reverse Logistics Association, Jeff Robe, Director of Marketing
  • Xchange Technology Group, Cynthia Borland, Manager Business Solutions
  • Hemisphere GPS, Jeff Torrance, Corporate I.T. Manager
  • Pilot Services, John Siniawski, Partner
  • Yvon Decelles, Intégrateur en Solution d'architecture
  • John Boisvenue, Consultant
  • 1 more organization contributed information, but due to its sensitivity, this contributor requested confidentiality.
  • 53 professionals contributed information that assisted with the development of this solution set.

Your Challenge

  • Many companies consider Hardware Asset Management (HAM) to be an unnecessary expense.
  • Because HAM directly benefits the IT department and no other business units, it is often difficult to get funding to initiate a HAM practice.
  • Just like any worthwhile IT project, HAM requires time and effort to put the right people in place, adjust processes, and implement the right technology.

Our Advice

Critical Insight

  • Implementing HAM proves to be invaluable for managing computer lifecycle and software, green IT initiatives, and expanding the management and reporting functions for the service desk.
  • Be prepared to communicate the bigger picture to the business to justify implementing HAM.

Impact and Result

  • Align the organization’s hardware asset management strategy with operational goals.
  • Identify best practices to maximize hardware asset ROI while offering adequate risk protection.
  • Construct the supporting documents you need to make the case.
  • IT savings will start with hardware lifecycle management, saving as much as 15% on hardware, then paving the way for 30% through software asset management and gaining up to 15% efficiencies for the service desk.

Research & Tools

1. Build a hardware asset management strategy.

Take control of lifecycle & software management including financial management of assets.

2. Understand how HAM fits into IT processes.

Integrate HAM into the existing help desk and service desk processes.

3. Build an end-user policy for equipment use.

Inform end users and enable their participation in securing assets.

4. Develop a HAM asset disposition policy.

Effectively manage e-waste and minimize the impact of asset disposal on the environment and the bottom line.

5. Know what state HAM is in and what components are needed.

Determine readiness to initiate a HAM strategy.

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Published: March 25, 2011
Last Revised: March 25, 2011