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Design a Service Strategy that Keeps Pace with Customers

Use social media and predictive response to stay ahead of service demands.


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Your Challenge

  • More customer interaction channels are arising every day, especially around social, that are strongly favored by customers. This requires organizations to revisit their customer service strategy.
  • Organizations are exploiting new interaction channels for sales and marketing, but generally lag in merging these channels into their customer service strategy.
  • Customer service organizations are unsure when and how to integrate social media into their customer service strategy.

Our Advice

Critical Insight

  • Customers are rapidly adopting a preference for social channels for engaging suppliers, as well interacting among themselves. As a result, service strategies based on older interaction channels are losing effectiveness.
  • Most organizations have not fully integrated social channels with their customer service infrastructure, which prevents development of the most effective hybrid channel service strategy.
  • Proactive monitoring of the social cloud for service opportunities is more effective at achieving service goals than simply adding social channels for customer-initiated inquiries.

Impact and Result

  • Understand how customer service fits into the broader organizational picture to assess social media for customer service and update customer service strategies.
  • Assess the value of new and old customer service channels to design an effective hybrid channel customer service strategy.
  • Adopt a proactive approach to assisting customers in order to improve customer service outcomes.

Research & Tools

1. Understand how customer service fits into the broader organizational picture and adopt best practices for service technology integration

Assess social media for customer service, update strategies, find opportunities to act proactively, and achieve service goals at the lowest cost-to-serve.

2. Assess the value of new and old customer service channels

Design an effective hybrid channel customer service strategy.

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