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Decide Whether Microsoft Business Intelligence 2012 Fits the Bill

Microsoft Business Intelligence 2012 focuses on self-serve BI.

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Ella Maschiach, System Analyst, OLAP Developer, and Microsoft BI Blogger

Your Challenge

  • Clients are looking for insight into their organization. Business Intelligence (BI) platforms have become a key vehicle to qualify strategic decisions, leverage market opportunities, and respond to externalities.
  • With most BI platforms requiring significant investment, Microsoft has responded by aiming squarely at the mid-market by adding BI functionality into their core offerings (SQL, SharePoint, and Office).
  • Clients need to know if the Microsoft BI platform is comprehensive, effective, and able to address their organizational needs.

Our Advice

Critical Insight

  • Microsoft’s 2012 BI platform is suitable for mid-market organizations without a formal BI solution that already use Microsoft tools for reporting and analytics. However, the impending 2013 release is expected to drive significant changes to SharePoint and Office. Consequently, buyers are advised to defer a decision until the 2013 release is available.
  • Smaller customers are advised to defer a decision until the impact of the 2013 release on Microsoft Office 365 is understood.

Impact and Result

  • This solution set outlines the historical growth of Microsoft’s BI offerings and outlines the new additions found in this version.
  • It covers deployment scenarios for organizations of various sizes and discusses the differences in terms of services, infrastructure, and costing.
  • It summarizes the key factors needed for organizations to determine if Microsoft BI is for them.
  • Overall, if you are a mid-market organization in need of BI, defer judgment of Microsoft’s offering until the 2013 release of Office and SharePoint.

Research & Tools

1. Evaluate organizational BI needs

Determine if Microsoft BI addresses the needs of the organization.

2. Identify the organization's BI needs

Determine if Microsoft BI is for the organization.

3. Identify organizational license needs in regards to SQL, SharePoint, and Office

Determine how much Microsoft’s BI platform will cost the organization.

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