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Acquire New and Hot IT Skills

Buy, borrow, rent, or steal…well, don’t steal, just retrain and redeploy.

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  • Kevin Hohnbaum, IT Consultant, Fifth Gear
  • Tina Iantorno, Manager IT Recruitment, TD
  • Gavin Till, IT Director

Your Challenge

  • The IT organization must acquire skills in the five trending areas - mobility, cloud, big data, social media, and security - within the next two years, or risk running a skills deficit.
  • IT management must decide whether to retrain existing staff, hire new staff, contract, or outsource the work; poor decisions here will result in higher costs, delays, or inadequate quality.
  • And, having chosen a particular direction, IT must get approval from management and move quickly to define skill requirements and find and select an appropriate candidate, often in a very competitive market.

Our Advice

Critical Insight

  • Each organization has a preferred approach for addressing expertise shortages, but it can be a poor choice in certain situations. Keep your options open and select the best approach for each new requirement.
  • There are key factors that will dictate how you find these skills. These factors are urgency, importance, novelty, scarcity, and cost.
  • Hot skills have two unfortunate characteristics: everyone needs them, creating competition for scarce resources, and you likely don’t need all of them for the long-term, making permanent hiring often a poor choice.
  • Info-Tech has identified ten IT roles within the five trends that we predict will come to the forefront within the next two years. Evaluate your needs and workforce to determine if your organization will require these roles and the length of time you will require them.

Impact and Result

  • The organization can fill a vacant role more quickly, especially when the role is new and somewhat unfamiliar to management.
  • The organization achieves the right balance of requirements for long-term capability with those for short-term need.
  • The total cost of ownership of people services is less when an organization makes the right staffing choices.

Research & Tools

1. Understand the different approaches to adding new skills to IT group capabilities, especially when these skills are in high demand

Extend the set of options that the organization can execute effectively to augment IT capabilities when adding unfamiliar technologies or application areas.

2. Choose the right approach for acquiring skills

Determine the impact of your need for a new skill to decide your acquisition method.

3. Make an informed hiring decision

Select the proper candidate for new roles or hot skills.

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