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Infrastructure Trend Report 2018

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  • Cyrus Kalatbari, IT Infrastructure Architect, Liquor Control Board of Ontario
  • Derek Cullen, IT Infrastructure and Operations Director
  • Elton Tucker, IT Architect and Strategist
  • Henry Ki, VP and Chief Technology Officer, Home Trust Company
  • Hugo Fragoso, Enterprise Architect – Azure and System Center, New Signature
  • John Heintz, CEO, Aptage
  • JT Armstrong, IT Architecture and Solutions Executive
  • Kunal Thaggarse, IT Infrastructure Lead
  • Mark Hoy, IT Infrastructure Consultant
  • Matt Dowd, IT Operations Director
  • Michael Desbiens, Executive Director, Operations Technology Sustainment, Workplace Safety and Insurance Board of Ontario
  • Nenad Begovic, Director of Infrastructure and Operations, Equitable Bank
  • Norval Oswald, Infrastructure, Operations, and Cyber Security Project Manager, NorvCo
  • Peter Maddison, Owner and Transformation Consultant, Xodiac
  • Sergio Zanardo, Vice President, Information Technology
  • Steven Berkovitz, SVP Architecture, Retail Technology
  • 1 anonymous contributor

Your Challenge

  • The pace of technological change seems to accelerate day by day.
  • Many technologies are overhyped, making it difficult to evaluate them practically.
  • Most discussions about trends focus on the business perspective and do not address Infrastructure and Operations (I&O).

Our Advice

Critical Insight

  • Much of what’s written about trends has minimal relevance for I&O managers.
  • Often, the business implements new tools and technologies poorly, due to a lack of consultation with I&O.

Impact and Result

  • I&O managers can address new technology proactively to add more value to their organizations.

Research & Tools

Start here – read the Executive Brief

Read our concise Executive Brief to discover why you should explore infrastructure trends, review Info-Tech’s methodology, and understand the expected impact of the five technology trends on Infrastructure & Operations.

1. Infrastructure Trend Report 2018

Info-Tech’s 2018 Infrastructure Trend report aims to help infrastructure & operations managers cut through the hype surrounding the discussion of new technologies and focus on how these technologies matter for I&O and what the managers should do about them.

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