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Improve Your Contract Negotiation Approach

Learn to negotiate to achieve better business value.

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Most IT professionals were not hired for their negotiation skills. And yet, they are expected to enter negotiations with vendor sales reps – who are essentially full-time negotiators.

Your Challenge

  • Focusing on price is a common – and sometimes fatal – oversight. Looking at the contract holistically can drive much greater value than simply driving down the price.
  • Your vendor won’t prioritize your needs – unless you give them a reason to. Good negotiation means considering the best interests of both parties. But without pushing back, your vendor will only focus on their own interests, leading to one-sided contracts.
  • Negotiation strategies vary from vendor to vendor. Vendors are motivated by different things, but figuring this out requires a serious investment of time.

Our Solution

  • Our program gets you to assess your current contract process and identify quantifiable areas for improvement.
  • Our approach stresses looking at the contract holistically and finding hidden opportunities for value. We will teach you how to demonstrate significant, quantifiable value for your organization.
  • Our approach to contract negotiation will guide you through reviewing critical terms and conditions (T&Cs) for IT products and services. Then, you will learn how to identify negotiation tactics for key T&Cs and how to leverage them in your favor.
  • Our program makes contract negotiation practical and tactical. We start with problems, not ideas. We map out processes to find weakness and then identify the opportunities to improve around these pain points.
  • Our program will teach you to negotiate contracts from a position of strength, in a way that benefits both you and your vendors.

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Published: July 5, 2016
Last Revised: July 5, 2016

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