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Implement a Proactive Vendor Selection Process

Achieve the right price, the right functionality, and the right fit for the organization.

Technology acquisition is an essential business function – choosing the right vendor should be one of the business’s highest priorities. Spend with vendors comprises an enormous part of IT budgets, adding pressure to find the right price and the correct functionality.

Your Challenge

  • Balancing needs with cost and satisfaction is more important than selecting the golden egg. Fully featured solutions are nice but often unnecessary to meet business goals.
  • Vendor selections are politically charged, inside and outside of the organization. Vendors want to win. Stakeholders inside the organization often have their own agenda. Navigating between them and choosing the right vendor requires a fact-based approach.
  • Shadow IT undermines the efficacy of a formal vendor selection process. Business stakeholders make vendor selections that aren’t carefully considered and are not aligned with IT and procurement.

Our Solution

  • Our program will help you create a formal, well-established vendor process that you can use time and time again to ensure you are getting the vendors you need.
  • Our approach will help you assess where you need long-term partners, and then help build lasting, meaningful partnerships .
  • Our approach to vendor selection will help you find that crucial balance between cost and functionality.
  • Our methodology includes creating a vendor evaluation and scoring process that is the right fit for your organization.
  • Our program will help you implement procedures and a workplace culture that helps you avoid shadow IT (and the ensuing fallout).
  • Our program helps you prioritize your organization’s most important needs and cut through political agendas in and outside of the organization.

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Published: May 11, 2016
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