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Identify and Dynamically Measure the Most Valuable CIO Metrics

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Knowing the right metrics to measure for new and existing CIOs is incredibly valuable in driving proper decision making. Make sure they support the strategic priorities of the CIO and the business to maintain their purpose and alignment.

Your Challenge

  • CIO’s metrics are often based generically on what are considered to be standard measurements. Many CIOs measure what they feel is most common to their role or industry but do not align the metrics to their current strategic priorities and what keeps them up at night.
  • CIOs focus on measuring technology performance without aligning them to organizational goals. Most CIOs still miss the opportunity to develop their metrics in the context of business service outcomes, creating a situation where business sees no value in IT metrics.
  • CIO metrics are often not appropriate to their need and lead to poor decisions in critical areas. Poorly chosen or generic metrics drive poor decisions that can have negative and lasting impacts to the business due to the growing criticality of IT in business success.

Our Solution

  • Our research enables CIOs to identify and track the metrics that best align to their strategic priorities, so that they have immediate value.
  • We make sure that the approach to refining and adjusting metrics is dynamic and active, ensuring that shifts in priorities driven by technology are always represented in what is measured.
  • Our program ensures your metrics will always be structured to provide decisions that lead to traceable and actionable outcomes.
  • We identify some core high-level CIO metrics associated to different known strategic priorities to reduce your time to value.

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Published: September 19, 2017
Last Revised: September 19, 2017