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It is necessary to have an understanding of the current security culture and to then develop initiatives to reach a target state. However, it is also critical to understand your end-user groups and the different risks that they can pose. This phase will take you through the following activities:

  • Select your executive champion.
  • Evaluate end users’ current knowledge.
  • Identify user groups and their corresponding topics.
  • Assess the maturity of the current program and set a target state.
  • Set a minimum security awareness for end users.

Use this phase as part of the full blueprint, Humanize the Security Awareness and Training Program.

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Humanize the Security Awareness and Training Program

If it’s not human-centric, you’re not training your humans.

Solution Set Steps

  1. Start here – read the Executive Brief
  2. Assess the maturity level of the security culture
    • Humanize the Security Awareness and Training Program – Phase 1: Assess the Maturity Level of the Security Culture
  3. Select an effective training delivery plan
  4. Build a reporting system and continuously update the training program


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