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Get Started With Big Data Tools On a Small Budget

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The difficulty in successfully implementing costly infrastructure and managing large volumes of data in a big data ecosystem has turned high expectations into a low reality. With current offerings, however, you can achieve the benefits of big data without breaking the bank.

Your Challenge

  • Big data tools are not expensive. However, the infrastructure can be. Don’t focus on volume. The benefits of big data do not necessarily come from housing petabytes of data costing big resources. Open source solutions are widely available and ready to be used for the varieties of data at hand.
  • Don’t panic, and make use of the resources you already have. Big hype has put pressure on many organizations to bite off more than they can chew. The skills, tools, and infrastructure for big data can break budgets quickly, but before making rash decisions, start with the resources you already have.
  • Big Data as a Service is making big waves. BDaaS removes many of the hurdles associated with implementing a big data strategy and vastly lowers the barrier of entry.

Our Solution

  • Our approach to big data helps you to focus on what is essential for you and drives through the hype.
  • Our approach will help you to first identify your big data use case, then create a tactical plan for getting started with a budget-conscious implementation of big data tools.
  • Our big data program approach helps you to start small, prove the feasibility of the initiative, and then scale up.
  • Our tools and templates will help you to make sense of the many big data offerings out there, and narrow down your search based on your organization’s priorities.
  • Our approach will give you more opportunity to leverage your organization’s data for data-driven insights with less budgetary barriers.

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Published: September 14, 2017
Last Revised: September 14, 2017