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Forge a New Standard for End-User Devices

Let people use their smartphones and start getting volume discounts on computers.


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Create a standard for devices that you will support at work, be it laptops, tablets, or iPhones. There’s money to be saved, and end-user productivity to gain.

Your Challenge

  • Not having a standard wastes money. Whether you need to support multiple images, or you purchase your computers from Best Buy or NewEgg, your IT department is wasting time and missing out on volume-based vendor discounts.
  • Your end users and customers are already using their smartphones at work. 30% of smartphone users admit to feel anxious when they are separated from their phones and 91% use their phones in the middle of tasks to come up with ideas. Either you support these devices, or you have shadow IT. Your choice.
  • You can replace some laptops with iPads and Samsung tablets. Tablets can be managed more easily than computers, and some users like the iOS and Android Microsoft Office Suite better than the desktop versions.

Our Solution

  • Our process is centered around the end user, so that you deploy technologies that meet their needs.
  • Making these decisions without an understanding of trends in end user computing is rash – our program gives you the information you need to make decisions that will save you money.
  • Some IT departments prefer to lease laptops, others prefer purchasing outright. We provide you with RFP templates for both situations.
  • Our program institutionalizes success metrics, allowing you to communicate your value to your CIO, CEO, and CFO.

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Published: June 17, 2016
Last Revised: June 17, 2016