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Organizations wishing to purchase a new Identity and Access Management solution are faced with dozens of potential third-party vendors to choose from, countless technical datasheets, and an unending supply of biased sales jargon.

Your Challenge

  • When it comes to investigating IAM vendors, search engines will hurt more than help. Researching each vendor individually can be time consuming and unfruitful.
  • It’s critical to select the provider that fits your organization’s unique needs. Taking the time to carefully select the most appropriate vendor will save you from experiencing future complications.
  • An appropriate vendor selection is an investment. A better understanding of the values that a chosen vendor will bring to the organization will ultimately result in more effective budgetary planning in the future.

Our Solution

  • Our research presents IAM vendor information in a clear, consumable, and unbiased format that simplifies the process of identifying which vendors would be the most appropriate choice.
  • Our program will help you identify the IAM vendors that are most aligned to the unique needs of your organization by first identifying and analyzing the business’ goals and risk profile.

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Published: September 28, 2017
Last Revised: September 28, 2017