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Extend Systems Management to the Cloud

Achieve seamless visibility across your hybrid network infrastructure.

The enterprise has historically maintained its applications on premises. Current trends are seeing enterprises move more of their workloads to the public cloud. An appropriate and effective management strategy is required to ensure complete visibility and control over the entire on-premises and cloud network infrastructure.

Your Challenge

  • Visibility and control of workloads on the cloud are not the same as that of on-premises services. You are limited to the tools and visibility that the cloud provides you. You will need to compromise with some of the visibility and control over workloads you send to the cloud.
  • Deploying some workloads on the cloud can easily become sending everything to the cloud. It is important to establish internal policies on controlling what workloads, and how workloads, are sent to the cloud. Controlling what is sent to the cloud will help achieve optimal performance and cost savings.
  • Managing a hybrid infrastructure from a single point of contact might prove to be difficult. It will be difficult to achieve a “single pane of glass” management platform for both on-premises and cloud workloads, but you might not need it. It might be better to manage the platform separately.

Our Solution

  • Our summary of cloud vendors will allow you to decide how vendors can deliver on your needs.
  • Our analysis of the space will allow you to determine how tools can help you achieve desired control and visibility over workloads deployed on the cloud, and determine which tools best fit your needs.
  • Our analysis of the unified cloud management platform market will introduce the tools that can help in unifying the control and visibility of on-premises and cloud workloads.
  • Our tools and guidelines will help you determine which workloads should be sent to the cloud.
  • Our approach will assist in establishing guidelines and policies for your infrastructure team.

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Published: July 19, 2016
Last Revised: July 19, 2016

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