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Use SharePoint for Enterprise Content Management

Findability, taxonomies, and records management: It’s more expensive than you think.

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Your Challenge

  • Many enterprises have access to SharePoint Foundation, but it’s not a full ECM solution.
  • SharePoint can do anything, but not easily or well.
  • ECM requires process discipline and robust technical infrastructure. Neither of these is cheap, despite SharePoint’s reputation as a “cheap and cheery” solution.

Our Advice

Critical Insight

  • SharePoint is an incomplete solution; it does some things very well but still lacks functionality for particular business uses.
  • Extending SharePoint with third-party tools is an important component of SharePoint project success.
  • End-user adoption is the critical component of SharePoint deployments. Without end-user interest, there is no ROI.
  • Friends don’t let friends use SharePoint Foundation for ECM; it’s free the way puppies are free.

Impact and Result

  • The storyboard gives examples of the ways in which SharePoint can be successfully deployed for ECM, and reasons why it can’t.
  • It also provides details about the various cost items that IT administrators must consider and the challenges those administrators will face.
  • The SharePoint deployment plan tool creates a customized deployment plan that highlights those areas that are most critical for a particular enterprise, helping IT leaders avoid common pitfalls.
  • The SharePoint 2010 readiness assessment tool gives IT leaders guidance on whether or not they need to adopt SharePoint 2010.

Research & Tools

1. Anticipate the challenges that I will face during my SharePoint ECM implementation

A fuller understanding of the strategy and cost of adapting SharePoint to ECM use.

2. Determine if the enterprise is ready for SharePoint 2010

A comprehensive view of my enterprise’s readiness for adopting SharePoint 2010.

3. Hire the right skills

The right hire for SharePoint design.

4. Create a SharePoint deployment plan

A plan for deploying SharePoint across my whole enterprise.

5. Put a process in place for creating metadata

Control of the content metadata to ensure usability.

6. Record metadata for describing documents

A library of metadata for enterprise use.

7. Document retention periods for records

A document lifecycle for my records in SharePoint 2010.

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