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Establish a Vendor Management Office

Manage your vendors before they manage you.

As IT services and products continue to become outsourced, IT is becoming increasingly dependent on external vendors, and a transaction-based approach becomes insufficient to guarantee continued value.

Your Challenge

  • Vendors are critical to fulfill business needs. Vendors are increasingly essential to critical business functions. Being dependent on vendors without a solid foundation of trust is a dangerous position.
  • Shadow IT is increasingly prevalent and disruptive. There are lots of ways to get a contract signed – and not all of them involve IT. Vendors will target business stakeholders outside of IT, leaving IT in a prime position to inherit unfair contracts.
  • It’s unlikely that vendors will prioritize your best interests. Taking a proactive approach to managing your vendors will help negotiate relationships where everyone’s best interests are accommodated.

Our Solution

  • Our program gets you aligned with business requirements, as well as your long-term business strategy.
  • Our approach will help you build a VMO that’s right-sized for your specific needs.
  • Our method is based on quantifiable metrics. We will help you create a successful VMO that shows real value to your organization through quantifiable metrics.
  • Our approach will help improve vendor accountability and maximize your value.
  • Our program engages with vendors as long-term partners, enabling both sides of the partnership to build a position of trust.
  • Our program helps you create identity and define roles and specific skill sets that you will need to run a successful VMO.

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Published: August 11, 2016
Last Revised: August 11, 2016

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