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Assist in creating a culture of problem investigation and clear process steps by outlining a clear procedure for reviewing, analyzing, and determining the root causes behind service problems. Use the correct RCA templates and consider the envisioned maturity and capabilities of your problem management process.

This template will help you:

  • Formalize your root cause procedures.
  • Provide clear steps for your staff to follow.
  • Prevent knowledge from being lost by ensuring clear documentation and information recording.

Effective and efficient root cause analysis procedures can have the single greatest impact in determining accurate root causes and reducing the severity and recurrence of problems experienced by an organization. Leverage your own RCA procedures to maximize the value of your problem management process.

Also In

Establish a Rigorous Problem Management Process

Use the ITIL framework to implement both reactive and proactive problem management practices.

Solution Set Steps

  1. Make the case for problem management
  2. Assess current state and determine goal state
  3. Enhance the service desk and incident management processes
  4. Set the foundation for problem management
  5. Develop the problem management process
    • Problem Management Causal RCA Template
  6. Manage successful problem resolutions
  7. Implement a problem management process and measure its performance


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