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Establish a Rightsized ECM Governance Program

Ensure your ECM vision becomes (and stays) a reality with an ECM governance program.

Left unchecked, the management of content will be reduced to an ad hoc task that puts your organization at serious risk of being burdened by information chaos. Inconsistent taxonomies and indexing practices, lack of information governance standards, and repository sprawl must all be reined in by effective governance of your ECM capability.

Your Challenge

  • ECM governance is about more than just records retention. ECM governance provides content quality assurance across the information life cycle and seeks to continuously improve ECM operations.
  • ECM governance ensures a strong foundation for process optimization. Setting and enforcing enterprise-wide standards enables organizations to improve access, delivery, and curation of content assets throughout business processes.
  • ECM governance drives home the benefits of ECM investments. Enforcing compliance across the information life cycle reduces storage and infrastructure costs, improves knowledge sharing, and enables faster content retrieval.

Our Solution

  • Our research will help you understand, identify, and implement ECM governance best practices that are right for your unique organization.
  • Our approach to ECM governance can help you understand your current ECM governance maturity, set target goals, and identify ECM governance requirements.
  • Our program helps you understand ECM governance structure alternatives and select the right approach for your organization.
  • Our program helps you determine the appropriate governance roles and responsibilities.
  • Our program helps you establish and develop an audit and optimization process powered by meaningful metrics to usher in continuous improvements to your ECM capability.

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