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Drive Advanced Vendor Management Maturity

Keep maturing your vendor management process.

Establishing a vendor management office (VMO) is the first step. But if the program will be a success in the long run, it’s essential to mature your vendor management process – and to keep maturing it until it is right-sized for your organization and your vendors.

Your Challenge

A vendor management office will only succeed if you can keep the momentum going. Early buy-in is important, but it will fade quickly if you’re not able to demonstrate value.

Navigating between internal stakeholders and vendors is a careful balance. Managing the needs of internal stakeholders and the interests of your vendors requires a special set of soft skills that can be difficult to identify.

Different vendors require different management styles. Some vendors will necessitate – and even benefit – from an Agile approach. Others will not. Being able to tell the difference is a crucial task for a mature and successful VMO.

Our Solution

  • Our program teaches you to build relationships with your vendors that are true partnerships based on trust and understanding.
  • Our approach to vendor management maturity will take your VMO to the next level, aligning their business’ success with yours.
  • Our program makes vendor management maturity practical and tactical. We start with problems, not ideas. We map out processes to find weakness and then identify the opportunities to improve.
  • Our program will teach you to identify the skillsets needed to mature your VMO in a way that demonstrates real value for your organization.
  • Our program helps you prioritize different management styles for different vendors.

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Published: November 2, 2016
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