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Don’t Just Assess, Transform to a Sustained Innovation Program

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CIOs that drive IT-led business innovation need to effectively pivot an assessment of their innovation capabilities and set in motion a transformation to a sustained innovation program. Otherwise, they risk innovations that fade quickly, leading to business dissatisfaction.

Your Challenge

  • Assessing innovation capabilities – do it quick and often. Getting a quick and frequent read on innovation capabilities is the basis to drive sustained innovation.
  • Don’t continuously innovate without means to harvest re-use. Innovation project deliverables must be leveraged to reap the benefits of re-use or risk being “one-shot wonders.”
  • Translate innovation to improved services. Create an innovation program that underpins business service improvements with strong improvements in IT services.

Our Solution

  • Assess aggressively. Info-Tech’s easy-to-use template for assessing IT’s innovation capabilities identifies competency gaps to fill and areas of strengths to leverage to position the CIO to be a strategic change catalyst.
  • Just enough architecture. Translate prototyping initiatives into a foundation for future change through “just enough architecture” with our enterprise architecture methodology.
  • Become a business innovation partner. Use Into-Tech’s innovation program tool that leverages enhanced governance, service management maturity, and organization change toolsets that position IT to be a proactive business innovation partner.

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Published: September 20, 2017
Last Revised: September 20, 2017