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Deploy a Scalable ERP Platform

ERP implementations leave many organizations realizing fewer benefits than expected, facing business disruption, and a lack of user adoption.


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Transform your business with a carefully architected ERP deployment strategy. Design your ERP to transform how you operate rather than replicating the current state (recreating the mistakes of the past). Whether you are transitioning from a legacy system, considering a new system, or consolidating multiple systems, the underlying impact on the business takes precedence over the technology.

Your Challenge

  • Meeting timelines is not a definition of ERP success: Focusing on the “clock at the end of the tunnel” compromises your ability to see the important elements of your ERP project.
  • Replicating the old processes in the new system only perpetuates them. A new system is an opportunity to transition processes to best practices and to rethink the traditional workflows. Solve old problems with the new system instead of repeating them.
  • An ERP implementation is a once-in-a-career undertaking; make it count! The opportunity to re-evaluate the ERP system is a rare occurrence for most organizations. Learn from the mistakes of others and do it right the first time.

Our Solution

  • Our program gives you a blueprint to successfully transform your business using ERP instead of just modernizing an application.
  • Our approach helps you establish a governance structure around your ERP to successfully transition it from implementation to operation.
  • Our methodology provides you with a plan catered to the specific scenario your organization is facing based on use cases extracted from numerous client engagements.
  • Our program helps you define the success of an ERP deployment that encapsulates more than timelines and stage gates, but strikes at business goals and transformation value.
  • Our approach leaves you with guidance that extends past go-live by providing a framework for extracting lessons learned.

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Published: March 17, 2016
Last Revised: March 17, 2016