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Declutter Your Report Inventory to Improve the Quality and Velocity of Decision Making

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If you are a typical organization, you have amassed hundreds, if not thousands, of reports to date. Report rationalization is no longer optional. To stay aligned with the business and the increased speed of innovation, implement quarterly reviews, and regain your status as a full-fledged business partner and innovation leader.

Your Challenge

  • With big data, IoT, disruptive technologies, and the ubiquity of mobile devices, quality and speed of decision making matter more than ever. 80-90% consolidation of reporting inventory will enhance user experience, information findability and timeliness, and ultimately decision making. 1
  • Would you rather spend computing and human resources on delivering innovative business insights or maintaining report dead weight? Estimates claim that developing and maintaining a single report costs between $2,000 and $20,000.2 You do the math.
  • Business complains that it takes forever to build a new report and are investing in their own tools. Purge dead weight, consolidate what’s worth keeping, enable self-service, and restore trust in IT’s ability to deliver.

Our Solution

  • Our program gets you innovating now, and formalizing later. Don’t waste time and investment on an innovation program until you have taken at least one idea from concept to deployment.
  • Our approach to innovation can be adapted to support and elevate the operating level of your IT department no matter what level you are currently at: firefighter, operator, or innovator.
  • Our program makes innovation practical and tactical. We start with problems, not ideas. We map out processes to find weakness and then identify the opportunities to innovate around these pain points.
  • Our program creates a safe environment in which it is safe to fail fast and often.
  • Our program helps you prioritize your reservoir of ideas based on your business objectives. We will help you generate a pipeline of new projects that will impact the top line.

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Published: September 15, 2017
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