Decide if Microsoft System Center 2012 is Right for the Enterprise

All-in-one, but priced that way too.


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Your Challenge

  • System Center 2012 packages together a number of components that were previously branded and sold separately. Understanding what System Center now includes and its capabilities can be a challenge.
  • Microsoft’s continued support for System Center Essentials is unknown at this point in time, leaving smaller organizations in a state of paralysis.
  • Increased functionality has complicated deployment of the solution.

Our Advice

Critical Insight

  • New licensing models are intended to simplify Microsoft licensing, but will bring increased costs for many organizations due to the bundling of components.
  • The infrastructure and expertise needed to implement System Center is considerable for large organizations and substantial for the mid-market.
  • Due to the complex nature of System Center 2012, most organizations will require the assistance of professional services for implementation.

Impact and Result

  • Service Pack 1 for System Center is expected to be released in the near future, bringing with it additional features and upgrades.
  • System Center is now being marketed towards mid-to-large enterprises and is best suited for organizations that already have a large investment in Microsoft products.
  • Small to mid-sized enterprises that only require a few of the components will have a hard time justifying the cost and effort.

Decide if Microsoft System Center 2012 is Right for the Enterprise


Gain a broad understanding of System Center 2012

Determine if enterprise requirements and System Center capabilities and licensing costs align.


Determine if System Center 2012 is a suitable fit

Gain a recommendation as to whether System Center is appropriate for the enterprise.


Obtain an outline of the expected licensing and infrastructure costs

Assist with decision-making on the purchase of this product.