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Create Gender-Diverse Teams to Improve Your Collective Intelligence and Boost Your Bottom Line

IT leaders need to alter their hiring and retention practices in order to reap the benefits of gender-diverse teams.

There is a startling gender gap in IT where only 26% of IT employees are women. Seeking gender parity isn’t just the right thing to do – there are many benefits to diverse teams. Create gender-diverse teams to improve the collective intelligence of your staff and boost your bottom line.

Your Challenge

  • Diversity raises the collective intelligence of your teams. Leverage the varied experiences of your teams to improve decision making, increase innovative thinking, and achieve better problem solving.
  • Women leave IT in much higher numbers than men. 56% of women leave private sector tech jobs after 10 years of experience compared to only 17% of men. Build retention strategies and improve your culture to keep your top technical talent.
  • Diverse teams drive the bottom line. Companies with more diverse teams have higher sales revenue, more customers, greater market share, and greater profits than less diverse companies.

Our Solution

  • Build a holistic strategy for attracting women to your department in personnel and leadership roles using our Career Lifecycle Plan.
  • Monitor the engagement of your employees using our Annual Engagement Survey and McLean Leadership Index to ensure that they are satisfied in their roles and to diagnose any low points in your organization to retain your talent.
  • Improve your recruiting policies to attract more women to your organization at all ranks. Increase the number of female candidates at all stages of your recruitment funnel using our Recruiting Plan.

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Published: July 18, 2016
Last Revised: July 18, 2016