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Confidently Deliver Solutions with Realistic Release Schedules and Expectations

It’s time to get your application releases coordinated.

Traditional release management processes are clunky. The resulting release schedules and change management plans are inflexible and inaccurate, which risks business disruptions and may lead to a lot of rework. The lack of communication, visibility, and coordination across siloed teams makes it difficult to accommodate business, task, and system dependencies.

Your Challenge

  • Cross-functional collaboration is critical for accurate estimates and schedules. Revealing issues early in the planning stage helps level set expectations because of a common understanding of release complexities.
  • Having a release manager is essential for smooth releases. A release manager is the connective tissue between stages and provides guidance in effective release strategies and practices.
  • Release management must account for changing business priorities. Understanding and planning around business collisions and changing environments are critical for timely and valuable releases.

Our Solution

  • Job descriptions and roles/skill sets. Through our guidance, you will gain a better understanding of the skills and responsibilities of a successful release manger.
  • Release process. Our program will enable you to document your release process from release planning to deployment and identify how each role is involved.
  • Acceptance criteria. Our framework will enable you to better understand the hand-offs between various teams with a clear definition of “done.”
  • Release calendar. Our template will enable you to plan out a release schedule that minimizes the downtime impact of the business and helps to coordinate resources for a successful release.
  • Measured value. We will help you define the appropriate metrics that are applicable to the development teams while remaining relevant to the business objectives.

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Published: March 30, 2016
Last Revised: March 30, 2016

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