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Combine Information Security Risk Management Components into One Program

Come together over information security risk management.

Successful information security risk management programs are truly the sum of their parts. Risk analysis, risk tolerance, and risk registers make up the components, and also inform each other (e.g. risk tolerance sets the stage for classifications that carry through risk analyses).

Your Challenge

  • InfoSec risk management is part of the big picture. Enterprise risk management isn’t exclusive to information security. Use your InfoSec conclusions to inform the broader effort around risk management.
  • Ensure your risk management program is protected from risks. The details of your risk management program – from your risk tolerance levels and specifically to your risk register – give insight into your organization’s weaknesses and should be secured with the right processes, etc.
  • Know that you will have to accept some risk. Part of an effective risk management program is recognizing you won’t be able to address all risks. Some need to be accepted to allow for innovation and revenue-generating opportunities, for example.

Our Solution

  • Our program allows you to tackle it all at once or one step at a time with a four-part offering of Mitigation Effectiveness, Risk Tolerance, Risk Analysis, and Risk Register.
  • Rather than providing disparate methodologies, our risk management materials will offer a comprehensive and coordinated methodology so that all components connect appropriately.
  • Our program makes innovation practical and tactical. We start with problems, not ideas. We map out processes to find weakness and then identify the opportunities to innovate around these pain points.
  • Our program won’t leave you hanging. We help you develop a repeatable process in understanding risks for your organization, and in analyzing those risks as new projects or issues crop up.

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