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Build and Document Your DRP – Part 2

Develop a DRP that caters to your small enterprise.


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Leverage the second part of this DRP mini-series to strengthen your processes around DR failover, testing, and maintenance of the DR documentations.

Your Challenge

  • SMB organizations often times find themselves without a primary failover site, significantly limiting IT’s ability to quickly restore operations following a disaster event.
  • Scarce human capital resources coupled with a lack of focus on the DR management process create a high risk of failure for most DR plans.
  • Creating the DRP is an onerous process in itself, and many organizations fail to continuously update and improve once the initial DR plan has been created.

Our Solution

  • Identify your options for co-location, and create a fail-safe set of steps to guide your IT organization through effective DR failover.
  • Leverage this research to assess proficiency and needs, and use these inputs to create comprehensive test documentation that will support the test facilitator through passive testing.
  • Work through the relevant activities presented to keep DR documents maintained, updated, and improved on an on-going basis.

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Published: November 2, 2016
Last Revised: November 2, 2016