Being aware of IT’s greatest risks is not enough.

This phase will help you:

  • Actively monitor threats and vulnerabilities.
  • Identify risk response actions that will address top risks.
  • Perform cost-benefit analyses to assess the effectiveness and appropriateness of risk responses.
  • Create a strong paper trail and obtain sign-off for key risk recommendations.
  • Communicate IT risk management up to senior leadership and down to IT personnel.

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Build a Business-Driven IT Risk Management Program

Hope is not a risk management strategy.

Solution Set Steps

  1. Start here – read the Executive Brief
  2. Review IT risk fundamentals and governance
  3. Identify and assess IT risk
  4. Monitor, communicate, and respond to IT risk
    • Build a Business-Driven IT Risk Management Program – Phase 3: Monitor, Communicate, and Respond to IT Risk


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