Build an Optimized Infrastructure-as-a-Service Internal Cloud

The best computing cloud is the one you've already started with server virtualization.

Your Challenge

  • Situation. Initial server virtualization efforts have been successful with consolidation targets and capital cost savings realized.
  • Complication. With the low hanging fruit virtualized IT is now considering the feasibility of virtualizing more critical workloads. The business is also interested in the potential of compute clouds.
  • Solution. Take virtualization to the next level (internal cloud). Bring the management and resiliency of server virtualization to 80 to 100% of server workloads by building and managing appropriate compute, network, and storage capacity.

Our Advice

Critical Insight

  • Virtualization of advanced workloads is possible and even desirable so long as care is taken in appropriate provisioning of these workloads and the business case focuses on the management benefits (rather than consolidation benefits) of virtualization.
  • Virtualizing advanced workloads is about efficiency (savings on capex and opex) and also about effectiveness. Focus also on the strategic benefits of an agile infrastructure and how it improves DR and BC.
  • Focus on the total cost of the infrastructure and on building a reserve capacity model in order to show accurate cost/benefit.

Impact and Result

Traditional fragmented management silos for storage, servers, and networks is inefficient and ineffective. Management and capacity planning for the internal cloud needs to be unified.

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Get to Action

  1. Take the virtualization journey to the next level.

    Agile infrastructure management.

  2. Master the moving parts of virtualization.

    Build an agile, scalable infrastructure to support the virtualized internal cloud.

  3. Measure business value of advanced virtualization in strategic areas of high availability, recovery, agile provisioning, and process automation.

    Take advantage of new technology and virtualize critical workloads.

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