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Become the Director of a Board to Gain Valuable Business Experience

Gain the business experience you need to demonstrate strategic business value to your organization.


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CIOs are often overlooked by their peers as a strategic business partner and, therefore, face the challenge of proving they deserve a seat at the table. CIOs are unsure of where to focus their efforts to prove their value as a business leader to their peers.

Your Challenge

  • Most business executives do not see CIOs as fully functioning business leaders. Senior executives continue to be dissatisfied with the CIO’s performance as a strategic business partner.
  • Take what you learn in the boardroom and make an impact at your organization. Boardroom experience will provide a new way of thinking about the business. Developing these skill sets and applying them at your organization will increase your peers’ perception of you as a strategic business partner.
  • CIOs must act like a business leader that works in IT. In order for IT leaders to move outside of their traditional role, they need to be able to demonstrate competency in areas that are critical to their business.

Our Solution

  • Our program will help identify what the typical board member attributes are and how a CIO can work to develop them. Info-Tech will also provide a set of tools to assist with the board of directors’ search and application process.
  • Our approach to getting on a board of directors will take you through a skills and competency assessment, aimed at identifying the core areas of improvement needed to get you on the board of directors.
  • Our program will take you through the creation of a personal development plan and stakeholder management strategy aimed at addressing competency gaps and pursuing board of directors opportunities.
  • Our approach will also track your development through the use of a CIO competency scorecard, defining key performance metrics and establishing benchmarks. Taking learnings from the boardroom back to your organization will also be covered.

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Published: April 18, 2016
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