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Be a Service Broker: Develop an IT Infrastructure Service Catalog

The one thing you need to survive and thrive in the IT infrastructure of the future.


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Realize it or not your infrastructure and operations team is a service provider – to the applications development team and sometimes to other internal and external IT units. Clarify the matrix of services that Infrastructure and Operations can offer to the business.

Your Challenge

With an effective service catalog you will:

  • Relay infrastructure capabilities and meaningful service levels for your customers. An infrastructure service catalog will clarify achievable service levels with given resources, and what you will need to meet service-level requirement gaps.
  • Ensure that capabilities are adequate to fuel customer requirements. Assess your ability to meet customer requirements and provide a catalog of services as a critical first step to becoming a service provider, whether internal or external.
  • Shape impactful strategic infrastructure decisions. Knowledge is power. Defined services and capabilities will help you make important strategic decisions, like when outsourcing is appropriate.

Our Solution

Develop an IT infrastructure services catalog with Info-Tech’s blueprint to:

  • Create an infrastructure service catalog that builds on and clarifies your current infrastructure capabilities.
  • Structure the infrastructure service catalog around a service matrix encompassing the service offerings that IT Infrastructure & Operations provides (e.g. provisioning, configuring, etc.)
  • Connect services to a service rate sheet to provide visibility into service costs.
  • Develop a process and schedule to manage the infrastructure service catalog to keep it up to date and relevant.

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