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Augment Your Work Capacity With Robotic Process Automation

Software bots augment human performance to create growth opportunities for both bots and humans.

Robotic process automation (RPA) is a mature, 30-year-old technology that uses software, virtual “robots,” to integrate various applications to automate rule-based business processes. However, interest in RPA has dramatically increased in the last few years due to the rise of “cognitive RPA” or “intelligent RPA,” owing to the widespread business interest in artificial intelligence. This blueprint aims to prepare IT leaders to have a conversation with business leaders about RPA, cognitive or otherwise: what it is, what it isn’t, how it can help the business, what the risks are, and most importantly, how IT can help in a way that is supportive to the business and getting to value more quickly.

Your Challenge

  • Robotic process automation (RPA) is poorly understood by both business and IT leaders alike, despite its maturity. RPA can deliver transformative business outcomes, as vendors are quick to promise, but like many emerging technologies, both business and IT must proceed with caution and carefully level-set expectations to realize the benefits.

Our Solution

  • This future technology blueprint will help members effectively communicate the benefits of RPA and tailor them to the organization’s needs.
  • A “snapshot” of intelligent RPA vendors will help members narrow down the list of vendors to engage.
  • A brief strategy document will lay out a short-term and a long-term action plan for implementing RPA and automating business processes.

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Published: March 6, 2018
Last Revised: March 6, 2018