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This solution set will help:

  • Quantify the risks, benefits and pitfalls of functional testing automation.
  • Assess the environment and team for automation appropriateness.
  • Describe the cost of ownership associated with functional testing tools and help calculate expected return.

This solution set will also include an overview of the functional testing automation market, including a description of open source solutions and testing suite vendors.

Solution Set Steps

  1. Separate hope from vendor hype
    • Storyboard: Assess the Appropriateness of Automated Functional Testing
  2. Decide whether automated testing is appropriate
  3. Know the true cost and return of automated functional testing tools


  • Missing comment
    Greg Lyon | 05-09-2017

    It would be nice to see an updated survey completed as this is 7 years old.

    • 432c05244a845caaca3b276adb15a11e comment
      Info-Tech Research Group | 05-10-2017

      Thank you for your question. Unfortunately, there is not a more updated version of this storyboard. If you wanted a more recent look at the software testing market, we do have a Vendor Landscape on software testing solutions [], which was published in 2014.


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Assess the Appropriateness of Automated Functional Testing
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