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A solid Request For Proposal (RFP) is a key component in Software Configuration Management (SCM) tool selection, but preparing the document can be an arduous task. This editable template guides IT decision makers through the whole process and covers the following areas:

  • The statement of work that provides the purpose for the RFP.
  • General information to describe the enterprise, the existing technology environment, and the schedule of events required.
  • Proposal preparation guidelines to lay out the expectations for the selection process.
  • The scope of the work, the specifications, and requirements.
  • Vendor qualifications and references.

Budget and pricing information, including a five-year total cost summary. A comprehensive RFP helps avoid adoption of a sub-standard tool that fails to meet the organization's needs and expectations.

This downloadable tool is associated with the research note, "Software Configuration Management Tools: Five Key Features."

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