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Bulk e-mail presents a challenge to many enterprises. Sending tens of thousands or even millions of e-mails to clients and prospects can frustrate many IT initiatives. This note addresses the following bulk e-mail issues:

  • How to handle bounced messages. One of the biggest problems of bulk e-mail systems is gracefully managing communications that aren't successfully completed.
  • Litigation issues. CAN-SPAM added new litigation concerns to the technical problems of bulk e-mail.
  • Menial administrative tasks. Bulk e-mail is about more than just sending messages and dealing with bounces.

The note also provides guidance on various solutions including both open-source and commercial tools, and outsourced E-mail Service Provider (ESP) offerings.

Bulk e-mail is a challenge for many IT departments. Some enterprises opt for “roll your own” or open-source options. As the demands of the system exceed 10,000 messages per month, commercial and outsourced options become more attractive.

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Published: May 21, 2007
Last Revised: May 21, 2007


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