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Dropping e-mail archiving prices empower small enterprises to seize the benefits formerly only enjoyed by their larger peers: e-mail server storage offloading and streamlined e-discovery for compliance/litigation issues. The vendor market is large and growing, with dozens of vendors offering solutions in various formats.

This research note walks IT leaders through three key steps:

  • Identify business drivers.
  • Build a strategy.
  • Look to leading vendors.

This note will guide IT leaders towards an e-mail archiving approach and arm them with goals about which they can approach vendors. IT leaders will also find an overview of the main competitors in each facet of the e-mail archiving market: services, records/document management, on-premises server-based, and appliance-based solutions.

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    Dean Muller | 02-16-2012

    Why isn't the Sonian product on this list?

    • 9eb6a2810126f534ebf65557616f34d1 comment
      Info-Tech Research Group | 02-17-2012

      Thank you for your feedback! There are almost 50 vendors in this market. We filter the list based upon factors like marketshare, client mindshare, client demand and any features we consider to be required. Sonian had no resonance at all with our clients in this case. However we re-evaluate these criteria each time we refresh a Vendor Landscape. Pleas note that while Info-Tech did not evaluate Sonian in this report, this Vendor Landscape Plus does contain tools which may still be useful to you when evaluating email archiving vendors, such s an RFP Template and RFP scoring Tool, as well as a Vendor Demonstration Script Template. If you have Analyst Call access (Gold/Silver), we would welcome the opportunity to review your requirements against any response from Sonian to your RFP. Also, I’ll add them to my tracking list for next time.


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